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Electrified! The Driving Instructors Positively Charged Guide To Electric Cars

An honest, upbeat and realistic guide to being an EV driving instructor exploring the rise of automatics, the ups and downs of life in an electric car, whether it’s the right choice for you and an appraisal of the current situation as we hurtle towards a rather exciting future. Followed by a Q&A session and to support the presentation there will be examples of EVs to look around, test drive and knowledgable owners on hand to answer questions.

Presented by Rob Cooling



Presented by the well respected training expert Bob Morton from LDC.

ADIs often over complicate the approach they use on standards check as a result of advice given by friends or people they meet at the test centres, or because of write ups they read on facebook.


They then try to incorporate too much of this information/advice/guidance into their plan and inevitably fall short of the score they wish to achieve. Using some simple approaches a plan can be developed that focusses on what really needs to be done to score well.


Which stress management technique will suit you the best?

Do you sometimes struggle knowing what technique to recommend to your nervous or anxious student?  There is not one technique to suit everyone so Kev and Tracey Field from Confident Drivers will guide you through which questions to ask your students, and based on their answers, identify which stress management techniques will be most effective for them.  They will also introduce you to the Confident Drivers coaching wheel and how it can help all your students prepare for their test.

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Immersive Virtual Reality for Driver Training

Presented by Mark Born:  – Driving Instructor Training Manager, BSM & AA Driving School

BSM have taken driving instructor training to the next level, introducing a game changer within the industry by combining immersive virtual reality training and in-car training. Join Mark Born, Head of Instructor Training on a journey to discover how trainee driving instructors will work through virtual simulations that transport them into the instructor’s seat with a pupil at the wheel, before continuing their training on the road.


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Do you have a question for the DVSA?

Ask the people who make the decisions


The 5 MUST HAVE coaching skills for PDI's/ADI's and trainers

Renowned trainers Graham Hopper and Susan McCormack discuss the 5 coaching skills you MUS HAVE in order to be a successful trainer. For PDI's this is your chance to get the basics right first time.

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Never think it will happen until it does

How would you cope financially if you couldn't work due to illness? None of us are getting any younger and the older we get, the more health problems occur. Even the young are not safe. 1 in 2 people in the UK born after 1960 will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime (Cancer Research UK) . You owe it to yourself and your family to be covered. During this eye opening presentation, Philip Whylie, Income Protection Consultant will discuss the pro's and con's of income protection insurance and answer some of your questions 


Prepare for your Standard Check

Peter Harvey, MSA-GB Chairman, will help you to understand what to expect and how best to prepare for your next fast approaching Standard Check.


Specialising in disability tuition 

How much work is there, how much revenue and how much job satisfaction. Find out what training courses are available, how you can adapt your car and how you can publicise your services.

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Don't be a shy ADI!

Disabled people desperately need to be able to find you, so if you are a specialist instructor spread the word about what you can do and earn extra income by giving the specialist instruction that you are experienced in providing. Disability Driving Instructors can help!

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The signs are there to help communicate better

Deaf Aware Instructors can help improve communication with their deaf students by adopting standardised signs to direct them; this will also help the DVSA examiner when it comes down to taking the test.

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The secrets of Facebook marketing for driving schools

There's loads of business out there. All you need to do is learn how to get it.

This seminar, presented by Shaun Harrington-Lunt, will show you how to increase your sales and expand your business by using Facebook and Instagram marketing. You'll learn all the tips and tricks the professionals use on how to increase sales and build a good marketing strategy that really works.

Creating confidence habits from day one

Kev and Tracey Field from Confident Drivers share their recommendations for how to start creating confidence habits from the first lesson.  These simple tips will help all students whether nervous or not to keep their confidence levels in tune with their driving ability

Teaching People to Drive - The Missing Elements

The presentation/workshop/discussion, presented by Graham Feest, Chairman of the well respected Institute of Master Tutors of Driving, will explore some of the missing links in our training. How we could make learning to drive more effective and if we are to have GDL in the form of restricting drivers how we might make this approach more effective and sustainable



We are all on Facebook taking advice from faceless individuals regarding our training problems. Some give genuine advice. Some, as we all witnessed during the introduction of the new Standards Check, gave us false information.

NOW is your chance to get the correct information and ask the questions you always wanted answers for.

Click on the ASK A QUESTION button and leave your training question for our panel of renowned experts to answer and book your place in the audience.

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