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Drivers often make thoughtless decisions. This presentation by Ian Edwards  (author of the book: Can we teach ourselves to drive & one of the UK’s leading practitioners in developing coaching skills for driving instructors) will look at the role impulsivity has in the decision making process.

The Impulsive Driver

Bob Morton from LDC will talk about making a start on, and further developing client centred learning techniques.

Making the switch to client centred learning

This presentation, delivered by Graham Hooper & Susan McCormack of Tri-Coaching Partnership is great if you want to achieve any of the following:

  • You want to improve your ability to deliver a great lesson to your pupils

  • You want to pass your standard check

  • You were previously unsuccessful in your standard check

  • You want to improve the grade or score you previously achieved

This presentation will give a focus on how to update your training, so that it is client-centred and will fit the DVSA National Driver & Rider Training Standard.

Plus, it will be the starting point in implementing new techniques into your ADI training.

Your route to 51

Lin Western from the ADINJC will be talking about hybrid & electric cars & how they will affect driving instruction in the future. Also, how we can bring extra income from these vehicles.

Driving into the future

Detling workshop room. Driving Instructor Show

Do you have a question for the DVSA?

Ask the people who make the decisions


Geoff Little, MSA-GB Chairman West Midlands, will deliver a fantastically useful presentation on the latest changes and updates that we, as ADI's, need to know about. Get to hear about the stuff that is hyper important to you. If you are serious about the the training business then this is a presentation you must not miss.

Industry update

This presentation, delivered by 2 of the most respected trainers in the industry, will focus on how to update your training so that it is client-centred  and will fit the DVSA's National Driver & Rider Training Standard. Susan McCormack & Graham Hooper will tell you how these updates can be a starting point to implementing new techniques into your ADI training.

Expand your business to become an ADI trainer

Olivia Baldock-Ward, Head of Membership & Training at the DIA, will discuss how important it is to safeguard yourself when working with children, young people and/or vulnerable adults. 

Safeguarding is a critical gap in the ADI training process. Indeed we are one of the few training professions not to require mandatory safeguarding training  – yet we are amongst the most vulnerable to safeguarding breaches, given the one on one nature of driver training and the number of pupils being young people or vulnerable adults. 

Lone working & staying safe

Driving Instructor Show 2017 workshops

Kev & Tracey Field from Confident Drivers will explore how stress can affect your students ability to learn and how you can support them in successfully managing their stress levels to keep your lessons on track. Kev & Tracey will also show you how you can improve your pass rates by managing you & your pupils stress levels during the DVSA test.

Stress & the learner driver

Karen Bransgrove, Diamond Chief Examiner, will be offering every ADI an overview of Diamond. During this workshop you will find out what Diamond does, and how trainers (both driver & rider) can easily get involved. Plan how you can diversify & enhance your career.

Advance your career with Diamond Advanced Motorists

Peter Harvey, MSA-GB Chairman, will help you to understand what to expect and how best to prepare for your next fast approaching Standard Check.

Prepare for your Standard Check

Carly Brookfield, Chief Executive of the DIA will talk about the 5 pillars of YOUR business, marketing & sales to get more business, legal & regulatory, finance, HR/training & development & technology. During this workshop Carly will help you understand how to pitch your business to get the best results. 

Business Bootcamp

If you are attending this workshop, John Rogers & Haydn Jenkins from Disability Driving Instructors will explain how you can diversify your business to include pupils with physical needs. Find out more about the equipment needed and how rewarding this type of teaching can be. We recommend a visit to Disability Driving Instructors stand after this workshop to learn more about the type of adaptations available and how they work.

Do you need 2 arms & 2 legs to drive a car?

Want to crack the mystery of social media?

During this fantastic, highly recommended  & extended workshop, Adam Stott, Big Business Events Head Coach, International Speaker and marketing expert, will unlock the secrets of using social media. Adam will offer practical tips on how you can enhance your business and increase your lesson price by utilising free and paid for digital services available.

As a renowned business coach, Adam will offer his business expertise to you, FREE.

Read more about Adam Stott.

Mastering social media

Do you want to find out how best to approach the training of a pupil with learning difficulties or anxiety? Gary Gough, from Disability Driving Instructors will present a workshop that includes ideas and tips to help your pupils achieve their goal of driving independently.

Specific learning dificulties & anxiety

Want to expand your driving school, but unsure about how exactly to do it. During this fantastic FREE workshop, Shaun Harringon-Lunt from Get Your Own Driving School will look at the business of expanding your driving school. Whether you are an independent or a multi-instructor school, Shaun will help you take the right direction when planning to take your school to another level. Shaun will also show you how to streamline a multi-instructor school and what pitfalls to avoid.

Highly recommended.

How to expand your driving school

Presented by Mark Born, AA/BSM Instructor Training Manager.

One of the key skills of a driving instructor or any trainer is to understand potential barriers to someone’s learning and to support with removing or reducing these barriers.

Understanding potential barriers to learning

Presented by Mark Born, AA/BSM Training Manager.

Encourage your learner drivers to consider their driving not only in the current learning context but in the wider ‘real world’ context, where they are more likely to be concerned about getting from A to B on time, impressing their peers, listening to music, etc.

Training drivers for beyond the driving test

Over 80% of people look for products and services online before deciding on a purchase. That means your learners are trying to find you online. The new generation of clients has grown up in the internet era, and if you are not on there, you will not survive in this competitive market. We will show you which tools are essential to grow your customer base and help you to find the right ones, even on a budget. You will also learn how to manage your time efficiently, enabling you to focus more on your students. Expect hands-on tips that will lead the way to becoming a modern, independent ADI

Embracing Digital Tools. The way to becoming an independent ADI

This joint presentation by the British Horse Society and Cycling UK will explore how we teach leaner drivers to safely and confidently interact with vulnerable road users such as cyclists and horse riders, especially in the context of safe overtaking. The presentation will include a discussion of how virtual reality and other technology can be used to deliver a ‘changing places’ educational experience to improve leaners’ understanding of the issue.”

Interaction with cyclists and horse riders on the road.

The latest driving school management system with student and instructor app.

ADI diary, finances, lesson reminders, progress planner and much more.

Let us explain all the app functions and how you can make it work brilliantly for your business.

If the App Fits - What pupils & instructors need

Being deaf is not a disability, it’s a communication barrier.

Find out how you can successfully teach across the communication barrier and add a new dimension to your business.

Presented by Richard Martin from Disability Driving Instructors.

I'm deaf not stupid!