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Why create the show?

As an active ADI I wanted to visit such an event. The industry seemed lacking in this area. There are industry magazines and web sites with which to view all the products and services that would interest me. Unfortunately, without picking up the phone, I couldn’t talk about them. I wanted to have the opportunity to meet the service providers and chat to them about my needs and my driving school business direction. Whenever I met other instructors, whether at training days or test centres, I got the feedback that I was not alone in my thinking and that it was something that many other instructors also wanted.

History of the show

I approached the DIA with my idea and was delighted at the enthusiastic response. Further interest came from potential exhibitors and other industry bodies. I then felt that this was no longer an idea but now reality.

The first Driving Instructor Show staged in London on Sunday 23rd April was a great success with over 500 ADI’s attending. The 2018 event attracted over 1200 ADI’s.

MIKE SPOONER About the Organiser

ADI Events LTD was set up in 2016. Its Director is an active ADI with extensive experience in the exhibition industry. Previously Group Exhibition Manager at Silver Collins & Co, Mike Spooner has gained a wealth of experience in the industry organising both horizontal and vertical trade exhibitions at some of the leading exhibition venues in the UK.

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